School Management System

Student Billing

The Student Billing Module can be accessed in Utilities Tab Menu using an admin role assigned to user.

In some instances, this module is also present and activated to some users defined by the school admins to perform the billing process.

To open…

  • Login as admin and in the main screen, click Utilities tab.
  • In the right-side top corner of the screen, click Billings

How to create a new billing entry?

  • In the window screen, click New Billing to open the student billing module
  • In the Student Billing window, enter/select level and school year to filter the data (gold circle)
  • Click the record selector (black arrow – green circle) to select student, then Click the Proceed to Billing button (red circle) and click Yes (student details is queried by the system from the database and entered to default fields in the form)
  • Input bill information: select an account name from the dropdown to be billed, enter an amount and remarks if needed (blue circle)
  • Multiple account names are allowed.
  • Click save if done (you may add notes for reference in the bill – gray circle)
  • Click Add (to repeat the bill process – yellow circle)
  • Click Print to obtain a hard copy of the bill (or batch print later – black circle)

To edit a bill, just simply select a record from the list and click Edit button at the bottom of the window

How to print bills in series?

  • Click the Print menu button on top of screen
  • Enter the Bill ID Series in the report dialogue window
  • Click Ok to generate report.

A report may be converted to pdf file format if there is a pdf converter in your computer. Then you may send it via email to the parents. Another option is to take screenshot of the report and send it as an image file.

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