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Cohort sync



About cohort sync

Cohort sync is for automatically enrolling members of a cohort in a course. If a user is added or removed from the cohort, they are automatically enrolled or unenrolled respectively. In other words, cohort sync synchronises cohort membership with course enrolment.

Enabling cohort sync

To use cohort sync, it must be enabled by an administrator in Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins.

Cohort themes

If cohort themes have been enabled in the Theme settings page of Site administration, then a specific cohort theme may be selected when creating or editing the cohort:

Learn LMS - Enrolments

Enrolment plugins

Moodle provides a number of ways of managing course enrolment, called enrolment plugins.

Setting the enrolment method(s)
To set an enrolment method:
Click on Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins.
Click on the enable checkboxes opposite your chosen enrolment plugin(s). If you wish, you may choose more than one enrolment method. For example if you have some courses which students must pay for and some free courses, you can use PayPal and self enrolment.
Click the “Save changes” button.
Click the settings link opposite the enrolment plugin(s) you have chosen.
Configure the required settings and click the “Save changes” button.
Repeat until you have edited all the plugins you have enabled.
The order in which enrolment plugins are applied can be set. This may be important for some plugins. It also affects the order of enrolment options on the course enrol page.
Enrolment capabilities
Category enrolments:
Role assignments synchronised to course enrolment
Cohort sync:
Configure cohort instances
Guest access:
Configure guest access instances
LDAP enrolments:
Manage LDAP enrol instances
Manual enrolments:
Configure manual enrol instances
Enrol users
Manage user enrolments
Unenrol users from the course
Unenrol self from the course
Course meta link:
Configure meta enrol instances
Select course as meta linked
Configure PayPal enrol instances
Manage enrolled users
Unenrol users from course
Unenrol self from the course
Self enrolment:
Configure self enrol instances
Manage enrolled users
Unenrol users from course
Unenrol self from the course
Configure enrol instances in courses
Review course enrolments
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Learn LMS - Enrolments

Category enrolments

About category enrolments

The category enrolments plugin allows users to be enrolled in all courses within a category. The plugin will synchronise any role assignments at category context with the capability enrol/category:synchronised set to allow.

Warning: The use of the category enrolments plugin may cause performance problems. If so, it is recommended that you use Cohort sync instead, though this will require a cohort sync enrolment method to be added to each course in the category.

Enabling category enrolments

To use category enrolments, it must be enabled by an administrator in ‘Manage enrol plugins’ in the Site administration.

Enroling users to a category

  • Go to the category into which you wish to enrol users. Note: You need to have category rights (manager or administrator)
  • In the Administration block,click Assign roles. The list of possible roles you can assign will appear:
Learn LMS - Enrolments

Self enrolment

Note: If you want your learners to create accounts on your site and have access to your courses, then you first need to enable Email-based self registration so they can create accounts, and then enable self enrolment within your course(s) so they can enrol. These are two separate steps.

Self enrolment is the method whereby users can choose to enrol themselves into a course, either immediately by clicking “\enrol me in this course” or by typing in an enrolment key they have been given. The enrolment plugin needs to be enabled by the site admin in Enrolment plugins and has to be enabled within the course. The manual enrolment plugin has to be enabled in the same course as well.

Manual enrolment

The manual enrolments plugin allows users to be enrolled manually via a link in the course administration settings. The plugin has to be enabled by the site administrator (see Enrolment plugins) and should normally be enabled as certain other enrolment plugins, such as self enrolment, require it.

Learn LMS - Enrolments


Enrolment, or ‘enrollment’, is the process of marking users as participants in the course, in other words assigning them a role such as student or teacher.

Learn LMS - Users

Add users

Users may be added to a Moodle site in a number of ways. When user accounts are created on a site, the process is called Authentication and when users join a course, the process is called Enrolment. Normally only the administrator is allowed to add users to a site. Course teachers are only able to add students to their course and do not have permission to add users to the site. (If you’re a teacher looking for instructions on how to add students to your course, read Add students.)

Users sign up to the site themselves

If you wish people to create their own accounts on your site, you must enable Email-based self-registration. This features is disabled by default because of the possibility of spammers accessing your site.


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