Payment Reception School Management System

Payment Reception Module

Payment Reception module is designed to cater student payment transactions performed by the school’s cashier. This modules is also called, Cashiering Module.

Payment Reception Module
  • Select a student in the list and click the “Click to Proceed Payment” button. You may use the search function provided to locate the student’s info. Just type the keyword on it.
  • In the “Desription” field, type anything that associates the payment…like for example, Tuiton Fee (TF), Miscellaneous (Misc) Uniform, Etc..
  • The “O.R. and Date fields are editable but by default, the system assigns value on it in real time.
  • Select “Account Name” for your transaction and input the right amount of payment. You can use more than 1 account names in every transaction.
  • By default, the Cash mode is used for the payment transaction mode.
  • Click “Post” then “Save” your transaction.
  • Select “Next Pay” if you want to receive payment for the next payor.
  • Select “Print Receipt” if you want to print receipt (or O.R.) for your current transaction.
  • Call the next qued transaction using the queuing box by checking the small white box and the “Call/Bell” button.

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