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Add Account Module

The “Add Account Module” is one of the vital module of the ISMS School Management System. Here, students’ accounts are managed on a year to year basis. The system adopted a one-to-many relationship model for this feature. Meaning, one student can have many accounts (yearly account) depending on the number years student stayed in the school.

  • To add student account, select Student No. (a dropdown will show the list) that you want to be added
  • Select Status and Mode of Payment for reference.
  • Select School Year, Period, Department, Course/Level and Section
  • If “Department field” is SHS, the SHS Strand will be enabled
  • The system will detect any record of previous accounts of the student (if any)
  • Date enrolled is system defined.
  • Assessments is automatically fetch by the system with matching fields for School Year and Level
  • If no assessments could be found, the fields maybe override by typing a value directly to the fields (Assessmets, Previous Balance, Other Payables and Discount) In this case, manual input for Total Fees is necessary.
  • After assessments are complete, click “Schedule of Payments” for either “Monthly or Quarterly.
  • If selected “Monthly”, the system will divide the total fees into 12 equal calendar months starting from June and until May. If you wish to revert this function, please contact our support team.
  • If “Quarterly”, just type values manualy on your selected months.
  • List of books maybe added in the module (optional)
  • Input some Notes at the bottom to attributes info/remarks on the account.
  • Click “Save Record” and Close if you’re done.

If you need an urgent support, please call us at +639053942626.

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